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VivBounty here asking what would you do without your dog?  Your faithful loyal companion.  You know  that your dog deserves the best and you are tyring to do everything in your power to make sure your dog does.

Ask yourself when was the last time you gave thought to what you were putting inside your body?  Probably fairly recently right?  Well, when was the last time you thought about what you were putting inside your dogs body?   Have you thougth about the damage you could be doing your dog with by not providing them with the proper nutrients

Now Is The Time to Start Thinking

There has never been a more important time to start thinking about your dogs diet.   Whether your dog is just a puppy or an adult,  it is never too late.

With all the problems and recalls that have been going on with commercial petfood and all the debate that is going on about the new or not so new Raw Food Diet.  It seems that danger for your dog lurkes everywhere.   It is enough to make your head spin.    How do you know what is the best for your dog?  How do you know if you are giving your dog the best they can possibly get?

Without the proper knowledge, you simply don't.   



1) Commerical dog food

This book will show you what ingredients you need to look for in a dog food and what ingredients you should stay away from .  It will also help you decide what type of dog food be it soft, semi moist or dry dog food, be best for your dog.  

2)  Hints for Common Problems

This book will also show you how to handle your dog's stomach issues and waste issues.   What to do if your dogs stomach is acting up and when and if you should call your vet.

Here is what you will learn inside this guide....

  • When you should start a good diet for your dog

  • What is the raw food diet?

  • Does your dogs diet affect its waste?

  • What to look for in a good dog food and where to find them?

  • Why you should not give your dog table scraps

  • The debate on rawhides

  • What kind of diet your senior dog might need

  • How much extra food your pregnant dog really does need

  • Does your dog need vitamins

  • And most importantly, why your dog needs a good diet

  • And a lot more!

What does it mean to you, to have your dog live a longer and heathier life?

By following the advice in this book, you will be providing your dog with a longer and healthier life.   Studies have shown that the proper nutrion for your dog can help prevent a world of problems for your dog ranging from obesity to arthrities.

Learn why keeping your dog a feeding schedule is so important and learn how to determine what foods your dog could be allergic to.  

Everyone these days seems to have a opinion on what is best for your dog.  We understand that only you can determine what is best

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