The Different Related Occupations In Travel And Tourism Management

Occupations in Travel and Tourism management involve a wide spectrum of jobs. This is true since more positions are being created as the needs of people continually evolves and changes. Here are some of the most common positions that you can find in this field of work, along with their general overview of responsibilities and tasks.

Food Preparation Workers

This position involves performing various food preparation duties aside from cooking, like slicing meat and vegetables, preparing shellfish and other cold foods, and brewing tea or coffee. Some of the job titles you can get from this kind of work would include: Dietary Aide, Dietary Assistant, Diet Aide, Food Preparer, Food Service Worker, Food Service Aide, Nutrition Aide, Prep Cook or Preparation Cook, Pantry Cook, or Slicer.

Some of the duties you are going to have would be cleaning of work areas, utensils, dishes, equipment, and silverware. You would also store food in their designated containers or storage areas so that spoilage is prevented.

You would also be the one to prepare various foods according to your supervisors' instructions or customers' orders, following approved procedures. It is also your responsibility to package foods to-go and sometimes serve food to the customers. You also inform supervisors whenever supplies are running low or when kitchen equipment isnít working properly.

Housekeeping Cleaners And Maids

This kind of work involves performing combinations of light cleaning duties for the maintenance of commercial establishments or private households, like hotels, hospitals, and restaurants, in an orderly and clean manner.

Some of your duties would involve bed making, replenishing of linens, cleaning and vacuuming halls and rooms. You also get to carry linens, toilet items, towels, and cleaning supplies by the use of wheeled carts. You would also clean rooms, lobbies, hallways, restrooms, lounges, corridors, elevators, locker rooms, stairways, and other working areas in order for health standards to be met.

Travel Clerks Or Transportation And Reservation Ticket Agents

In this kind of job, you would be the one to make and confirm reservations for your clients. You also sell tickets to the guests of large motel or hotel chains. You can also check the baggage and direct your passengers to their designated pier, concourse, or track. Sometimes, you would be the one to deliver the tickets and arrange documents for visas.

This work would also entail you to contact groups or individuals to inform them about package tours that they can take. You also act as a tour guide giving them travel information, like points of interest, rates, restaurants, and emergency services.

Gaming Dealers

This job would involve operating table games. You would sit or stand behind the table and operate gambling games by giving out the right number of blocks or cards to players. You also get to operate other gaming equipments. You would also compare the playerís hand against the house's hands and collect or payoff players' chips or money. You are also the one to exchange real currency to coin money or playing chips. You also check and ensure that all the table players have placed their bets before the game begins.

Some of the job titles in this kind of job would be: Dealer, Black Jack Dealer, 21 Dealer, Pit Boss, Casino Dealer, Gaming Host, Dual Rate Dealer, Poker Dealer, or Table Games Dealer.

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