Essentials For Starting A Travel And Tourism Career

A Travel and Tourism career is one of the most popular professions worldwide. Recreation and accommodation facilities cruise ships always need for Travel and Tourism professionals and workers. This is why the field itself is one that continues to draw students and prospective employees.

If you think you have what it takes to start this kind of career, then here are the essential things that you need to know in starting out one.

Keeping Your Feet On The Ground

Realistically speaking, if you want to be in this profession, you should understand that it is not an easy living. Although it does pay pretty well, you should be ready to work long hours around the clock. You should also be ready to sacrifice your weekends and holidays, traditionally the busiest times when most staff are needed.

Additionally, even though most people are pleasant and polite, you should be ready to accommodate rude guests with a smile on your face. Customer service is not easy, and selflessness is definitely a prerequisite as you watch people have the time of their lives while you work hard just to please them.

The Perks

However, it is undeniable that this job has a lot of perks and benefits. The obvious one is the popular potential for acquiring good tips. Also, there is a high chance of achieving a high-ranking position, compared to other careers that seem like eternity before you get promoted. Last but not the least, are the staff discounts and "freebies". Hotels give their staff and other industry professionals like travel agents and airline staff discounted, and sometimes even free rooms as familiarization bonuses to travel agents. Airlines give free travel to their staff and discounted airfares to travel agents and other industry professionals.

Are You A People Person?

One of the most important prerequisites would be being a people person. You should enjoy being among people. It is your job to be friendly, energetic and adaptable at all times. Remember that this is a people-service-oriented job. If you're shy and introverted, you'd better get over it fast.

Other Handy And Not So Handy Traits

There are also other traits that would come handy such as: great team work skills, problem-solving skills, and being able to work in a customer-centered atmosphere. If ever take pleasure in your guests’ smiles and satisfaction, then you will excel in this field. On the contrary, if you’re the type that is reclusive, introverted, reserved, and love keeping things to yourself while you work in a cubicle with a stress-free job during typical office-hours, then you are a total misfit for this job.


Since there are various paths to take in this line of work, there are also different ways for you to get educated and prepared for each path. However, enrolling for a full-time course is an option but always necessary. I worked my way up from a junior position learning and upgrading my skills with each promotion and you can too.

I highly recommend you try it out for a while or research all aspects of the Travel and Tourism so as to identify which area you are interested in. After that, you can enrol for a full time program that is specific to the area of the industry and the tasks that you could most see yourself performing and enjoying. It’s important that you enjoy your work, make sure the hours suit you so that you can balance it with your family life and make a choice between working locally or travelling when deciding on vocational and professional training.

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